Marta Rivera

“I highly recommend I-4 Kitchen & Bath.”

For five months my husband and I searched and searched for a suitable and reliable company that would remodel our kitchen and bath and give us not only the quality we were looking for, but the best deal as well. Just about when we were ready to give up and go with your predictable Home Depot remodeling, we were driving down I-4, and saw a sign for I-4 kitchen & Bath. We thought it won’t hurt to visit just one more place. The customer service of the wonderful husband and wife duo left us with such pleasure and satisfaction. Their prices were 25% cheaper than any of the other places we had visited. I-4 Kitchen and Bath completed the work in a reasonable amount of time and we were very pleased with the end result. It is now a pure joy to have dinner parties in my brand new kitchen and have guests use our newly remodeled bathroom. If you are looking for a company to remodel your kitchen and bath, I highly recommend I-4 Kitchen & Bath.