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Beautiful, custom countertops to bring your kitchen and bath redesign to life.

Make a statement with countertops that are both functional and beautiful. We offer countertops in a variety of materials including granite and quartz. Our expert countertop installation team will custom fit your countertops for a perfect finish.

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    Our kitchen & bathroom redesigns begin at $20,000.
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    We serve the greater Orlando area for countertop and granite installation near you including Dr. Phillips, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Clermont. See some of our countertop installation projects below.

    Countertop materials


    Marble countertops exude luxurious and timeless elegance with their unique and distinct veining patterns. As a premium natural stone option, marble requires periodic sealing and maintenance to protect its beautiful surface.


    Corian Custom Countertops
    An extremely durable engineered stone, quartz countertops resist scratches, stains, and heat damage extremely well. They offer low-maintenance upkeep while providing diverse color and pattern options to suit any design style.


    Corian Quartz Bathroom Countertops

    Comprised of 100% natural stone material, granite countertops offer excellent resistance to heat damage. Each granite slab features striking and one-of-a-kind color variations throughout, ensuring your countertop is truly unique.


    Silestone Countertop Installation

    Soapstone counters are incredibly dense and non-porous, offering a smooth soapy feel to the touch. This quality material is naturally resistant to stains while providing an aged, vintage aesthetic appeal that adds character.

    Kitchen & bathroom before & after videos

    YouTube video

    The McBride family came to us to change out their kitchen & layout. We replaced their maple sand cabinets with white shaker cabinets, with glass doors. By removing the wall and doorway we opened up the kitchen to living room. Showing off their brand-new white quartz counter tops.

    YouTube video

    The Winters family wanted to transform their kitchen. We swapped out the dark cherry doors and cabinets with white shaker cabinet that extend to the ceiling. The freestanding range has been flipped to a cooktop wall over combo unit. No more formica countertops which have been replaced with white quartz.

    YouTube video

    The Van Brussel family came to us to exchange their old kitchen for something new. We tore out their oak cabinets, granite countertops, built-in pantry, and old laundry room. We brought in stacked cabinets with glass up to the ceiling, light grey shaker door cabinets, quartz countertops with full back splashes, and bench seating across from peninsula under window.

    countertops orlando

    Countertop Installation

    At I-4 Kitchen and Bath, our expert design and installation team has over 80 years combined experience. We offer the highest quality workmanship and customer service on every countertop installation project. Contact us today to start your custom countertop installation process.

    Projects start at $20,000. Ask us about available financing options.

    Orlando Kitchen countertops

    Countertops Orlando

    Quartz is an engineered stone made from ground quartz bound with resins, while granite is a 100% natural stone quarried from the earth.

    Most countertop materials can withstand light cutting and hot pans, but it’s best to use cutting boards and trivets to protect the surface long-term.

    Some level of seam visibility is expected, but expert installation minimizes it.

    With proper care and maintenance, quality countertops can last 10-25 years or longer.

    Cambria Granite Installers Near Me

    Custom Countertops Orlando

    Our custom granite and quartz countertop manufacturers include Cambria, Silestone and Corian. We have one of the largest selections of Quartz “Engineered Stone” in Orlando, as well granite and other elegant and durable materials. Whether your design style is glamorous, soft and classic, simple and modern, or even industrial, we can provide the countertops you need to make your room stand out and make a statement.

    I-4 Kitchen and Bath is trusted in the Orlando area for quality design, materials, and installation. Contact us today or call us at (407) 246-0636.

    Cabinet Remodel Orlando

    Custom Countertops Orlando

    Our custom granite and quartz countertop manufacturers include Cambria, Silestone and Corian. We have one of the largest selections of Quartz “Engineered Stone” in Orlando, as well granite and other elegant and durable materials. Whether your design style is glamorous, soft and classic, simple and modern, or even industrial, we can provide the countertops you need to make your room stand out and make a statement.

    I-4 Kitchen and Bath is trusted in the Orlando area for quality design, materials, and installation. Contact us today or call us at (407) 246-0636.

    Silestone Custom Countertops

    Countertops Orlando

    Countertops for kitchen and bath can:

    • Improve the appearance, functionality, and value of your space.
    • Provide durable and easy-to-clean surfaces that can withstand heat, moisture, and stains.
    • Offer various options for colors, patterns, and finishes to suit your style and budget.

    Some of the most popular types of countertops for kitchen and bath are:

    • Granite: A natural stone that is timeless, elegant, and strong, but needs to be sealed regularly.
    • Quartz: An engineered stone that is nearly indestructible, non-porous, and resistant to staining and bacteria, but sensitive to excessive heat.
    • Marble: A natural stone that is luxurious, beautiful, and unique, but porous, soft, and susceptible to scratching, staining, and etching.
    • Quartzite: A natural stone that is similar to marble, but harder and more durable, and can resist heat and scratches, but needs to be sealed regularly.
    • Concrete: A manufactured material that is versatile, customizable, and eco-friendly, but heavy, expensive, and may crack or discolor over time.

    There is no single “best” material as it depends on your needs and preferences for look, durability, maintenance, and budget. Popular options include quartz, granite, soapstone, and solid surfaces.

    Look for well-established, licensed and insured companies that offer customized designs, quality materials, and examples of their professional work.

    On average, new kitchen countertops cost $20 -$190 per square foot installed for common materials like granite, quartz, marble or solid surfaces.

    The maintenance and care for your countertop depends on the type of material you have chosen, as different materials have different properties and requirements. However, some general tips are:

    • Clean your countertop regularly with a soft cloth and a mild soap and water solution, or a cleaner designed for your specific material. Avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners that may damage or dull your countertop.
    • Seal your countertop periodically if it is made of a porous material, such as granite, marble, or quartzite, to prevent staining and water damage. Follow the manufacturer’s or installer’s instructions on how often and how to seal your countertop.
    • Protect your countertop from heat, scratches, and stains by using heating pads, cutting boards, coasters, and placemats. Avoid placing hot objects, sharp knives, or acidic foods directly on your countertop.

    With proper care and maintenance, well-made countertops can last 10-25 years or more. High-quality materials and expert installation impact longevity.

    Some common problems or issues that may arise with countertops are:

    • Cracks or chips: These may occur due to impact, pressure, or thermal shock, especially on natural stone or concrete countertops. They may be repaired by filling, polishing, or replacing the damaged area, depending on the size and severity of the damage.
    • Stains or discoloration: These may occur due to spills, exposure to sunlight, or improper cleaning, especially on porous or light-colored countertops. They may be removed by using a stain remover, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide, depending on the type and source of the stain.
    • Warping or sagging: These may occur due to moisture, weight, or improper installation, especially on wood or particleboard countertops. They may be prevented by using a moisture barrier, adequate support, and level installation.

    Our Countertop Installation Process

    We follow a detailed process to ensure your new countertops are installed perfectly and with minimal disruption to your home:

    Design Consultation: Our design team will meet with you to understand your vision, select the ideal countertop material and edge profile, and take precise measurements of your existing countertop space.
    Digital Renderings: Using design software, we’ll provide digital 3D renderings so you can preview how the new countertops will look before installation.
    Material Fabrication: Your chosen countertop material will be professionally fabricated off-site to our precise specifications.
    Demolition & Preparation: We’ll carefully remove your old countertops and repair any deficiencies in the substructure to prepare for new countertop installation.
    Install New Countertops: The custom-fabricated countertop pieces will be securely installed and seamed together for a seamless look.
    Finishing Touches: We’ll apply any final caulking, polish, sealants or other finishes needed to complete your beautiful new countertop installation.
    Final Inspection: Our team will perform a final walkthrough to ensure every detail meets our high quality standards before you enjoy your updated kitchen or bath.

    From design to installation, we manage every step of the countertop replacement process to deliver exceptional results you’ll love.

    How I4 Kitchen Calculates Countertop Costs

    Our pricing considers four key factors

    How To Measure Kitchen Countertops

    1. Size: The square footage required for your countertop space, ensuring you only pay for what you need.
    2. Material: The specific type of stone, whether natural or engineered, you choose for your unique aesthetic and functional needs.
    3. Edge Type: The style of the countertop edge, can affect both the look and cost of your project.
    4. Labor Costs: We factor in the fees for expert demolition of your old countertops, precise fabrication of your new ones, and professional installation for a flawless finish.

    Countertop Edge Types

    The edge of your countertop is more than just a finishing touch – it’s a design element that can transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom.


    A clean and modern look with slightly rounded edges for a softer touch.

    No Drip

    A functional choice with a raised edge that prevents spills from running down the cabinet fronts.


    A luxurious and contemporary option where the countertop material flows seamlessly down the sides, creating a dramatic statement.


    A classic and timeless choice with a softly rounded edge that adds a touch of elegance.


    A bold and modern look with a 45-degree angled edge that adds visual interest and dimension.


    A sophisticated and unique choice with a distinctive S-curve profile that adds character and charm.


    When to Consider Countertop Replacement

    Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on countertops, diminishing their beauty and functionality. Here are some signs that it might be time for a countertop replacement:

    Signs of Wear: Over time, even the most durable countertop materials can start to show signs of deterioration. Cracks, chips, stubborn stains that can’t be refinished, and other surface damage can make countertops look worn and outdated. If your counters are excessively damaged, replacement may be the best solution.

    Need More Space: As your family grows or your lifestyle needs change, you may find yourself in need of more functional counter space for food prep and entertaining. An expanding family or increased cooking/baking habits can make existing counter space feel cramped. Replacing counters with an updated layout providing more square footage is an excellent way to open up the kitchen.

    Selling Your Home: Outdated or damaged countertops can be an eyesore to potential home buyers. Updated, modern countertop surfaces not only look more visually appealing, but they can also significantly boost your home’s resale value. Upgrading to fresh granite, quartz or other in-demand materials signals a well-maintained home and allows you to ask a premium price.

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