Kitchen Trends for 2023

When planning to renovate, most people begin with the kitchen, especially because it’s where most time is spent with the family. Renovating the kitchen will raise the property's future sale value. A well-designed kitchen has a balance of beauty and functionality. Shape, color, space, light, and texture are elements that you must consider when choosing a good design. Hiring a designer can make a huge difference if you don't know where to start!

Kitchen Remodeling Orlando

Get ready to remodel your kitchen and give your home a new look. Thanks to a plethora of new colors, materials, and technology, kitchens will be more unique than ever before. If you wish to renovate your old and worn kitchen or want to build one for your new home, you should learn about kitchen design trends for 2023.

The kitchen as the social room

Kitchen designs are leaning toward brighter and more open environments to welcome family and visitors. Fixed and movable kitchen islands, kitchen dining tables, and a growing integration of the kitchen into areas of the house will be growing in popularity. A great design will balance comfort and style in the main gathering space of many families. Closed kitchens won’t be coming back for a while.

Functionality trumps size

A larger kitchen does not necessarily imply a better kitchen. Regardless of size, the trend will be building a kitchen that is functional enough to accommodate more people. Kitchen designs will be personalized to be a more productive space, a place for entertainment, and give everyone a feeling of comfort while there. The kitchen will be, more than ever, a multi-use functional place that will transcend the idea of being just a food preparation area.

Let’s get colorful

All-white kitchens have been a long-reigning trend that will soon be replaced by a more vibrant color palette, inspired by nature, ranging from soothing earth tones and cream colors to vivid blues and greens to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Mixing textures and unique finishes

Diverse use of materials, patterns, and colors will be the definitive trend. Expect the return of classic wooden kitchens, and the use of ceramic, stone, and a mix of metals that will make your kitchen trendy for a long while.

Bigger pantries and prep areas

Additional storage areas for your appliances can help you declutter your kitchen. Larger and more functional pantries will be moving into more homes in 2023. Butler pantries that take up an entire room will grow in popularity. Larger prep areas will give you an extra surface to work on and will be a useful addition to many kitchens next year.

Backsplashes replacing the usual tiles

Matching the countertop with slab backsplashes made of marble, quartz, and granite will be one of the huge trends in 2023. They’re functional, easy to clean, and look beautiful! Another option is wallpaper backslashes with fun, natural, and colorful designs to help break the pattern of using the same colors and textures throughout the kitchen. 

Smart appliances

To make our kitchens more efficient, they will be equipped with sophisticated and efficient appliances that connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Smart fridges, multipurpose ovens, smart lighting, and even integrated sound systems in the kitchen will be a popular trend.

Kitchen Remodel Near You

I-4 Kitchen Bath provides guaranteed, quality work that can fit any budget, from residential to commercial jobs. Here at I-4 Kitchen Bath, we are a wonderful mix of kitchen designers with architectural, tradesman, and general contractor backgrounds with combined experience in every aspect of kitchen renovation and building, from scratch. For more information, call us at (407) 246-0636 or make an appointment online.

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